Friday, August 19, 2011

MY HOUSE IS CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as my friend amanda said, IT'S A BIRTHDAY MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!

my husband. god am i ever a lucky girl. seriously. i know i have issues and i bitch and whine a LOT and i actually don't know why you guys continue to read my blog with all of the bitching and whining (all 6 of you. hi you guys. i love  you!) but i want to state for the record that the bitching and whining comes from a place that needs professional help, and i am aware of that, and i am almost ready to get soebody to help me so just be patient and pretty soon, i'll knock it off but in the meantime, my husband? is my perfect. "my" perfect. not PERFECT perfect. none of us are and if i said he was that would just be stupid and a lie....but for me? to me? he is my perfect because he knew that when i came home with a chip of happy on my shoulder for whatever reason and i walked into a house that had dust bunnies in the corners and a streaky microwave door, that chip of happy crumbled because i was exhausted. and i didn't have time to fix the streak or dust the bunnies because i work full time and i had bottles to wash and a precious, perfect baby boy to feed and cuddle and sometimes you have to prioritze but a clean house was important to me and the fact that a truly clean home has eluded me for so long was really weighing on me and he knew it. he saw it. god i love him. god. i am SO lucky....

seriously? i actually want to go take a picture of my shower nozzles and my stovetop so you can grasp the amazing that IS the maid brigade. i am beside myself with birthday thankfullness!!!!!!!!

scotty? i know you will read this eventually.....thank you for always knowing what i really need, deep down....maybe it is because i am such an annoying blabbermouth about my misery, but i like to believe it is actually because you get me....we always knew, right? that is what we meant when we said "when it's 'easy', that's when you know"? i'm sorry i haven't been as easy as you might have gambled on. i hope our son makes up for that. i want you to know i am thankful for you every day and even when i am struggling, i never forget that i am the luckiest. i love you with the whole of my heart.

(althought i am not too jazzed with you leaving me stuck watching the hockey game while you are out picking up the take-out because you are recording it. it's AUGUST. can i get a season off??)



Craving Sugar said...

Great, send Scotty over here with his cleaning lady, will ya? I need to get this place in order before Baby E. gets here.

Stephanie and Such said...

Consider there 7 now :)

And yayay for clean houses!!

Skye said...

Awesome!! Isn't it great having a perfect husband?! I do feel that way about mine I Have to say ;)