Thursday, August 25, 2011

it's ok :)

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Its Ok Thursdays
 so it's ok.....
that i cried when i dropped ben off at daycare this morning because he looked so cute sitting in the toy car jumperoo staring at me….

that i am sort of looking forward to hurricane irene on sunday because maybe i will be able to straighten up the house, get some laundry done and take a nap….

that i asked for nail polish for my birthday and BOY did i get a lot of gorgeous new shades, but that i still haven’t managed to paint more than my pinky nail with any of them….

that i thought the big East Coast Quake of 2011 was actually fun!

that i have had subway for lunch 2 days in a row and i just might go back today and make it a three-peat.

that i have an irrational resistance to getting excited for fall because i don’t want summer to end and in my head, getting excited for fall somehow means i have accepted that winter is coming again and i just can’t deal with that.

to be pissed off at myself for not allowing myself to get excited for fall because fall is awesome….if only it wasn’t followed by winter.

that secretly, i am really excited for fall but don’t tell anybody or else we’ll probably have a blizzard next weekend.

that, in all seriousness, i actually told my husband this morning that i wanted to get the disneyworld trip for ben’s 5th birthday  booked pretty soon so we could make payments and go all out….he’s not even 8 months old yet.

that i haven’t washed my hair since monday…wait…on second thought, maybe that’s not so ok…yikes.

that i am dreading my hair appointment on saturday morning because sitting in a salon full of snotty chicks gossiping, under fluorescent overhead lighting feeling insecure while i wait for my foils to take is my personal version of hell.

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