Wednesday, August 3, 2011

wordless wednesday....beach day

i haven't done a "wordless" wednesday in a few weeks and since the last few days have found me without many words i want to share, the timing is perfect. this past sunday, we spent the day down at the cabana, ben's first trip to the beach, first time with his toes in the sand, first lobster roll (which he slept through!).

summer, in a nutshell :)

p.s. i would really, reeeeally love to start comsolidating some of these pictures into storyboard collages instead of posting them all huge one after another. if anybody has any tips and tricks on how to do that,w here to get some templates to make them or whatever, i would really appreciate it......or do i just do them all from scratch?? i haven't got a clue. help! thanks!



Anonymous said...

I have no clue either. However, I love me some Bennett large size. It makes me feel like I could just kiss him all over his cheeks. Looks like a great time. Nothing better than getting your feet in the sand.

Anonymous said...

Also, I'm LOVING the new commenting protocol. I don't know if you changed it or what, but it's much easier for me to post with my Wordpress now.

noreenmarie said...

What fabulous pictures! Your camera is awesome. :)
And that lobster roll? OMG I want one NOW. ;)

Skye said...

Great pictures... the beach is great! Kids & beach go together.
We just took our girl to the beach for the first time (all week)- she loved it. I don't care how much sand I had to clean out of her crevices, it was so worth it to see the fun she had!!