Thursday, August 4, 2011

um...hello, easiest thing in the world!

seriously, i can be a real dunce every now and then. i was just yesterday whining and bemoaning about not having a clue how to make collages for my bloggity blog and like an angel from heaven, kevinandamanda had this little gem today waiting for me on my google reader (not really for me since i just religiously stalk her awesome blog and she doesn't know i exist, but still) about sites she has bookmarked and there she was explaining about the simple little collages you can make all lickety split in picnik which is exactly what i was looking for and off i went to check it out and in like seriously 20 seconds, i had whipped up this little nugget...

which i know is only 2 pictures and ones i have posted already at that, but i am at work right now (um...yikes?) and that's all i could scrape up on this here computer and gawd, i am just so darned EXCITED about this! they have a lot of options and even more if you upgrade (naturally) and you want to hear the stupidest thing? i totally have used picnik before and never knew that i could make collages there.

dunce hat.


i love this.

p.s. the shark rashgaurd. i die. i wish it still fit him, little rolly polly lovebug....



Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

oh my goodness. This just made me "AWWWWW" out loud. What a sweet little sharky buddy. I love his swimwear...and it's so perfectly fitting for Shark WEEK! (have you been watching?!)

I'm so glad you (re)discovered Piknik! You go girl...can't wait to see the awesome collaging! ;)

HAPPY (almost) FRIDAY! xo

Skye said...

wow - great pictures! :)
And great website - gonna check it out for collages for my vacation post- thanks!! :)