Wednesday, August 17, 2011

remember my big winning streak?

anyone? anyone? when i won like 3 totally rad things in the span of like a week? starting with the tickets to see Maroon 5 at Jones Beach??

well, the show was last friday and we had a good old time, es expected!!! unfortch, i was not able to make magic happen for my sweet friend and get her into adam levine's pants, but there's always next year and steadfast determinationis the name of the game. we ARE getting closer, however....our seats were actually better this year than last, big props to walk 97.5 for the freebies!

however, while our seats were closer, we both agreed that last year's show was much better...there was just something missing this year...some energy or something, which was a real shame....BUT it was still a great show. train was awwwwweeeesome, which i never expected. we really enjoyed their set a lot and actually, my camera kicked the bucket about 2 minutes into maroon 5's set anyway, so all the (pretty crappy) concert pics i have are of train so pretty much i am just going with that i had a great time at the train show and next year, those M5 boys have a lot to make up to us....

also, gavin degraw was supposed to open but i guess he had an unfortunate accident earlier this month? i don't get to the news much these that's a bummer for him cuz i really dig that guy, but i really dig matt nathanson even more (and if you ever get the chance to see him live, drop everything in the world and run there because he is another one of my imaginary boyfriends and you will be so entertained you will just want to kiss him and then shotgun some beers with him. he is the definition of bitchin'.) and, as it turns out, ole' matty-boy was the stand in for mr degraw at this show, but as previously touched upon, i never hear about anything till it's too late so we strolled into the theatre from our skinny girl margarita tailgate party just in time to hear him say his 'thank you and goodbye' and i am pretty upset about that still.....

but anyway, here's some pics!!! good times with a good friend. love this girl....

ok wait. i have to break up the collage party here for a second to talk about this kid with the spikey ponytails all over his head. have you ever seen anything more hilarious or ridiculous? we were in love with this guy and him and his buddy were seriously rocking OUT the whole show. they knew every word and were dancing and jumping and was too cute! i think i might have watched the two of them almost as much as i watched the actual show. i want this kid in front of me at every concert from now on.

after the show, we got stuck in some horrendous mess on the expressway and poor michele was having a meltdown becasue that crazy girl had not one but TWO weddings the next day. "WEDDINGPALOOZA" she called it, can you even? and not only was she attending both, she was actually a bridesmaid in the first one so she had to be at her girlfriend's house at SIX-THIRTY-IN-THE-(you've got to be kidding me)-MORNING! somehow, we made it home and she survived weddingpalooza ' summer, adam levine will be thankful for that when we are flashing him fromt he front row :)

ahahahaha.....just kidding...(not kidding, actually).


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