Wednesday, September 14, 2011

8 months

could i be any more tardy in writing this post? my little monkey turned 8 months old the day that hurricane irene blew through here in the northeast and one of the things i was most concerned about was not having enough light to take his 8 month pictures...

this photoshoot was a bit of  trainwreck anyway. my little boy is stubborn as anything and just a little independent thinker! if you call his name, he won't look at you untill he's ready, if you kiss him, he won't snuggle back unless he feels like it, tickle him to make him smile and he only giggles on HIS terms....i admire that, and i am proud of it but part of me hopes it's just a phase. i need snuggles from my sweet boy ALL the time, not just when he wants to give 'em!

my little boy is huge. he is still growing at warp speed and it's wild to watch. his sweet little head gets fuzzier every day with the silky white duck fur that is finally covering his big, round head. everybody still thinks he's bald because his hair is just so white.

he's still only got 4 teeth, but 2 more are trying to work their way down and with that has come a lot of grouchy tantrums and some restless nights. he's also SO close to crawling so he's got a lot on his mind these days, which probably contributes to his less than ideal sleep habits as of late. he gets on his hands and knees from a sitting position and rocks back and forth and then he falls flat on his belly and gets pissed off. poor little guy.

he's so smart and so charming. the girls go crazy for him and with good reason. even more important than all of that, he is just so, so sweet. when i pick him up at the end of the day, he just looks at me and touches my whole face, gently and slowly with the tips of his little fingers and then lays his sweet, soft little head on my shoulder. he is the love of my life.



Skye said...

Happy 8 months! Great shots! He's getting soooo big!!

Anonymous said...

I hate how big he's getting. Mostly, I hate that I'm missing being there. He's such a lover.