Monday, September 19, 2011

anniversary at the park

since the hubs and i were able to wrangle grandma into babysitting friday night, we celebrated our 5th anniversary a day early, at a seriously, seriously incredible restaurant....i changed out of my hideous maternity pants and into a dress of all things and ran lickety split to go get my hairs did…i even had time for a mani…what? absurd. who am i? 

by the way, last week i read on dutchess roz about OPI “tickle my francey” and i wrote up a little post-it and stuck it to my wallet (you should see the inside of my bag. maybe i will blog it one day. it looks like an atomic bomb went off. for serious.) because it was the best color i have ever seen and as well you know, i am obsessed with nail polish these days and there i was at the mani place with all my extra time after my blow out (extra time, she says. again, i ask…who am i??) and i saw it twinkling at me from the polish carousel and i grabbed it right up and sat happily down in my chair and my nails have never been so pretty. don’t walk, run. best color EVAH.)

anyway, dinner was out of this world and my company was even better. sadly, it just wasn’t the sort of place i felt comfortable whipping out my rickety little LG and snapping a cell phone pic of my petite filet, so you’ll just have to use your imagination. i try and keep it klassy whenever possible, you know.

our actual anniversary was saturday, and we decided to spend the day with the monkey down at the park having a picnic. it was undeniably fall, so we all got a little bundled up, picked up some sammies at the deli and headed over to the lake.

ben was all business, as you can see. he was way too busy trying to take everything in and figure it all out to crack a smile…swinging is a very serious endeavor.

and then, she {snapped}



Anonymous said...

That face! It kills me, especially in that first picture.
I just got a mani last week. The last time I had one was, I think, just before my 21st birthday. I'm so lame. It's hard in small towns. I need those nail shops on every corner where they turn you out in less than 20 minutes all while talking about you in another language and smiling so you have to uncomfortably laugh with them at you.

Nicola said...

such a little man. totally reminds me of the chubby bald old man Ian was at that age (and just as stylish...) God, its making me want another one. why did i come on here again ;)

em said...

these are great photos! I love his little bald head!

Ellie said...

His face is too cute! Ha.. Love those shots.. Just the giggle I needed this Friday!

Ashley Sisk said...

These are such sweet shots - I really love that last shot. Everything about it is perfect.

Susan said...

Oh, he is just adorable!!

Great shots mom and Happy Anniversary.

Mrs.Pringle.Chip said...

What wonderful shots! Absolutely precious!

rachel said...

such beautiful bokeh (to go with the adorable babe) in that second to last shot. I love!

Andrea said...

love these shots. what type of lense are you using?