Friday, September 30, 2011

9 months

hi everybody!

i turned 9 months old yesterday! that's a lot of months! almost as many months as i was inside my mom so it's kind of a trip that i've been on the outside this long. i hardly remember what it was like in there.

i gave mom a really hard time with our photo shoot this month! hahahahaha! it was awesome. here i am all like "seriously mom, first of all, that flash is harsh. don't you know anything about taking pictures?"

i rolled around a bunch this month. i'm on the move these days! i've almost got the crawling thing down! except my one leg keeps getting stuck under me so i kind of have to just drag it along, but i don't let that stop me! oh heck no! there are about a million things i have been trying to get my hands on for months now! plants and dirt and keys filled with germs. remote controls and mom's camera bag. basically everything i'm not supposed to touch. cool right? hahahah! (that's my evil laugh.)

i went to the doctor today for my shots (that SUCKED.) and so she could weigh me and measure me and poke me and stick things in my ear and stuff. it was kind of a rough appointment since mom klunked my head on the wall right before i got the shots. honestly mom. try and keep it together next time. i got a flu shot and the shot for that diptheria thing my mom is always warning me about. i have to go back for a bunch more because i am behind. i don't want to think about  it.

but good news!

i weigh 26 lbs.
i'm 30 1/2'' tall
(that's over 2 1/2 feet, right? so i'm more than half as tall as snookie!)

the doctor said i am taller and weigh more than 95% of babies my same age. well duh.
obviously, i am also cuter than 95% of babies my age....

if you ask mom, she says i am cuter than 100% of other babies. how embarrasing.

oh, back to the photo shoot. basically, this is what most of the pictures mom took looked like. i told you ive got important places to be these days. i'm a real mischief.

i also did a number on my 9 month sticker, as you can see.
get it? i did a number on it!!!!!


p.s. this is what i was talking about with the crawling.  see how my leg is stuck there? i can't seem to get it out from under me. does anybody have any tricks or anything? cuz i've got places to go in a hurry, cabinets with loud pots and drawers with knives to get into and general mayhem to conduct. please help. thanks.

 love, Ben

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noreenmarie said...

LOVE his cute little teeth! :)