Thursday, September 1, 2011

and god said, "let there be light"

or something like that? i'm not too good with the bible verses and stuff.

so there was a lot of fanfare over hurricane irene but now that she has come and gone, i'll admit i was less than impressed with her fury, at least in my neck of the woods. i was up and making bottles for ben approximately when the eye wall was supposedly passing right over us and ok, it was a little windy, so i went outside in my pijamas and bare feet and took some video. there were a lot of leaves in the road and my dalia's sure got whooped. later on, i discovered we had lost one sad little 5 foot  fir tree on the side of our house and that, my friends, was the extent of our damage...

the only other fatality was all the food in our freezer and fridge. of course, as the power went off around 6am on sunday and stayed off for the next 36 hours, eating an enitre fudgy the whale cake (leftover from my birthday) was was no easy task, but we took one for the team and did fudgy proud.

an early evening walk around the neighborhood showed us that we were some of the lucky ones. there were giant trees on houses, giant trees on cars and giant trees laying across power lines block after block. it's weird to say, but there was a really interesting energy buzzing in our little community that only seems to surface during emergency's hard to describe, but if you've ever spent time outside your home in the wake of a natural disaster or terror attack you know exactly the feeling i'm failing to find words to describe. it's very powerful and unifying and HUMAN.

we spent sunday night making shadow animals on the ceiling with the flashlight, cracking up, snuggling in the bed and going to sleep ridiculously early. all in all? it was pretty awesome.



Anonymous said...

That is one of the most amazing feelings, it's just a shame it takes a disaster for people to come together like that. I'm so glad you all survived with very minimal damage. It almost makes you sob with joy seeing everyone work together for the greater good. Thank god Fudgey wasn't one of Irene's victims.

Skye said...

Glad you only lost power for 36 hours... we were out 3.5 days... we had to go to a hotel :( But you are right, good family time indeed! Good thing you only lost a small tree - sounds like your neighbors got it much worse. Sad!

Julie said...

I'm glad y'all didn't have worse damage! And I'm very glad you did Fudgy proud- haha that made me laugh!

Stephanie and Such said...

Ummmm you won the shine necklace giveaway missy!!!!! Email your info, and address and we will get that under way!

Happy Sunday!!