Monday, September 26, 2011

oooooh it's starting to get fun around here!!!

GUESS WHAT???? i got my iphone! i know, i know i should have waited for the iphone5 to come out blah blah blah but i just couldn't stand it another second and i got a sweet deal and i am here to say that this phone? gives me back a smidge of my superficial happy! i am having so much fun! my favorite thing to do is play around with all of the photo and video apps. i'm pretty sure that before i got it, one of my main reasons for wanting it was so i could instagram (follow me! Rach257) and now that i have it, i am instagraming the hell out of it...BUT i think i like the actual effects better in hipstamatic. i am love love loving the random shake feature that mixes up your film and flash choices. once i poked around with both of those for awhile, i actually started taking most of the pictures using the hipstamatic app and then saving them and going in to instagram afterwards and just instagraming them directly from my camera roll with the hipstamatic effects on them. is that cheating? i kind of feel like it is...

i am also digging the 8mm camera app...myfitnesspal (which so rudely told me that my dunkin' donuts pumpkin coffee with milk that i had this morning had THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY CALORIES...*faint*) and ben is all over the talking purple hippo app. he seriously comes unglued when i put that guy on...loves it like crazy. oh, and angry birds, of course. i know i am tardy to the party but angry birds is the shizz. what are some of your favorite apps?? seriously, tell me, cuz i want them all. i am app crazy right now!

another thing i love about finally having my iphone? finally getting to link up with a good life for her week in iphone pics!!! i have been wanting to do this link up forever but i felt way lame using pics from my craptastic junker LG flip so i just watched from the sidelines feeling like the nerdy kid at school who eats her boogers.

that's gross.

let me just be clear about this, i do not eat my boogers. i don't even know why i said that.

so here we go!! i don't have a full week's worth of pics cuz even though i got it on monday, it took me a couple of days to get the feel of it and everything. this week, i am just doing one day...saturday. ben's first major league baseball game. he loved every minute of it!!!

and i am loving every minute of finally being able to do this link up! hooray!


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Skye said...

I am jealous - I think I want an Iphone. Looks like you love it! Great shots too! I love my Blackberry but I am a tech geek, so I think I want something new- and I am jealous at how much fun my husband has with his iphone. He told me he wants to get the Iphone5... so my plan (even though he doesn't know it yet) is to take his iphone4 when he gets the 5. Hehehee.

p.s. sorry about your mets.... maybe next year... or the next year.... or uh, well you get my point. LOL.

Have a nice day! :)