Thursday, July 14, 2011

40 days of birthday ideas, day 3

i really, really, REALLY am sort of obsessed with this cutiepie clutch wallet combo thing that one of my favorite bloggy girls PinkLouLou was raving about over at her blog confessions of s 20something . it's the Lauren from HOBO and it comes in a bevy of delicious colors and it just looks like the most efficient little thing! one of my best girlies, Michele got a HOBO about a million years ago and i must have remembered her raving about it because when i read about this on  LouLou's blog, it sounded so familiar that i texted Mich right away to ask of she already owned it....the thing is, i feel like kind of a poser-stalker-loser when it comes to Michele and all of her good stuff. she has THE best fashion sense of any of my friends, she always looks polished and put together, her style is impeccable, not to mention she is gorgeous and in fantastic shape. if i didn't love her so much, i would hate her with the fire of a thousand suns, BUT i do love her, with the whole of my heart.

see what i mean? (oh hi Mich! i stole this from your FB! today is their 5 year anniversary...happy anniversary you guys! i love you both!!))

this is her wedding, obviously, and have you ever seen a more beautiful bride? please.

oh hey! where did that come from?? (payback for having all the cool stuff i want and being tiny and adorable so none of it fits me. thanks a lot.)

anyway, i covet the entirety of her closet, not to mention all the furnishings in her house, the car she drives and her summers-off teaching job. so basically, i am always finding myself calling her up and going "omg wait till you see this totally bitchin' thing i just got!!!" and then i bring it over and show her and she's all "loser, i already have that." and then she shows me hers, which always looks sparkly and fabulous next to mine no matter what the item in question. *sigh* and then i feel like she must think i am hiding in her plants outside her window after she comes home from the mall, watching her unload her bags while furiously taking notes on her purchases and setting off on a wild goose chase to bloomie's to buy everything she has. i'm not, i swear. i guess we have the same taste, but the difference is that she is cool and hip ("hip"? really?) and...well....just COOL and she can wear the stuff and pull it off and look like a page out of lucky mag and me? i just look like a poser, pinning amazing outfits she probably already owns to my pinterest , collecting cool things i can't afford and stuffing them in the closet cuz i know i'm not fabulous like she is.

ANYWAY, enough of this is the 3rd post in my "40 days of birthday ideas" series, i bring you this beauty....

i need it. on a scale of 1-10, 10 being somethng i want super, super bad and 1 being something i just saw that was cute, this probably gets an 11. i just can't figure out if i wannt (need) it in the celeste blue color

or in the infinitely more practical but somewhat less exciting shade called stone:

HOBO lauren that's the link for it on zappos where they have it in the blue, but over at endless, they are having a promo where you can get $25 off... they only have it in the stone color at endless though, but that really is more sensible, right? well, i won't be mad at ya, whichever color you choose...38 more days folks! ya better git to gettin'!


noreenmarie said...

I LOVE both of those pictures-she really is gorgeous! :) And you're equally as gorgeous-really! Love you both! :)

amy@agoodlife said...

super cute! love those clutches. i am always drawn to the super cute bright colors but then settle on the practical ones. kinda boring, right?

thanks for your awesome comment on my blog! i have been running with the jogging stroller for so long now that i honestly don't know what to do with my arms without one! no, seriously. i can't remember the last time i ran without a jogger. so yeah, i guess you get used to it :)

Raven said...

I saw those over at PLL's and I had never heard of them, but am SO going to get one for going out! love them!!

as for your question about my glasses, they are prescription (I am blind as a bat) but I usually always wear my contacts. They are Juicy Couture frames and I love them!!