Saturday, July 16, 2011

40 days of birthday ideas, day 5

new sheets.

i have been wanting a whole new bedding ensemble for probably, oh, the last 7 years. my mom did this to me. she was a sheet snob and never settled for less than the fluffiest, most scrumptious bedding. falling into her perfectly fluffed and puffed, voluminious feather bed was like landing on a 700 thread count cloud....and she had a linen closet cram packed with sheet sets and duvet covers. i always thought it was normal to stand in front of a closet and ask yourself "what sheets to i feel like having on the bed this week?" instead of just "how long do i run the dryer?". i don't know when having lovely sheets fell so low on my list of priorities. NOT having a few sets of nice sheets definitely contributes to my's deeper than that, but sheets (or lack thereof) is certainly a trigger. part of the problem is the hubs who refuses to sleep under the same duvet as i do, insisting on sleeping on TOP of his half of it, covered in his ratty old, stained, polyester batting filled, scratchy disaster of a walmart bed-in-a-bag comforter. this means one half of my duvet is pinned under him all night so i'm basically sleeping under a down straight jacket and also, his half gets smashed. flat feathers are not heavenly feathers.

i guess i'll never have my bed the way it used to be because the hubs will forever insist on smashing my comforter, flattening my feathers...i guess i just gave up. but i don't want to have given up! i want so much for my bed to be the sanctuary it should be...i want a few sets of glorious, high thread count sheets and a stack of whimsical duvet covers and shams to choose from every week when it's time to change the sheets...

here are a few i found that i love:

just some ideas....sweet dreams!!


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MissAllie said...

I am IN LOVE with Woodland Organic from PB. It is on my must have list! But alas we are shopping for big boy furniture for the little one who I refuse to admit is a big boy and my precious bedding gets pushed back once again! :)