Friday, July 15, 2011

40 days of birthday ideas, day 4

i never do my own nails because my cuticles are OOC and they just respond so much better and look so moisturized and healthy after they have been maimed and butchered by a cute little asian lady who spent a half hour talking ess-ech-eye-tee about me in her native language and laughing....but i wish i did. i really want to have a little basket of fun, happy shades under my bathroom sink along with cotton balls, polish remover, base coat, top coat and cuticle conditioning oil instead of 17 bottles of yellowed beige circa 2002 that have all seperated and/or have their tops stuck on so tight it would take a jackhammer to open them.

this seems like a lovely color to start off my collection, dontcha think so??


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