Friday, July 22, 2011

omg. the 40 days of bday posts fairy came through! AND IT'S NOT EVEN AUGUST!

holy crap jeez moley moses y'all!!!!!!!! ("y'all" she says. wth?) lookit what happened!!! for some reason, even though i have been a miserable bear to live with recently, the hubs still loves me...i don't know...but he does. ok well, last friday (i think....and i know, that was dayyys ago, give me a break here...) i got hooked. UP!

first of all, they just opened a sprinkles cupcakes right around the corner from the hubs' office in the city, so just as a goof, during the day, i emailed him a print screen of the daily cupcake menu with the "key lime" flavor circled, perez hilton style. there might also have been a big, obnoxious arrow pointing to it just in case...can't really remember...also, this might have been thursday, it's all a sugar induced blur.....regardless, you know he showed up with a cutie little sprinkles cupcake bag that he protected all the way home through the crazy new york city subways, penn station at rush hour and a long island commuter train....that little beauty looked like this...

except obviously that's not a picture of MINE because MINE was scarfed down too fast to photograph...a whirlwind of crumbs and happiness....

moving on to friday (because i really do think the cupcake was thursday now that i think about it...) he comes home from work like a kid in candy store, all a-twitter over whatever he's got up his sleeve. he runs downstairs, runs back upstairs, runs into the bedroom to change and then tells me to lay ben down on the changing table because he has something to give me....i start to protest because ben is a bit of an acrobat these days and i really don't like putting him down on the changing table, but the hubs insists. then, he hands me a post it:

underpants. i know. can you stand it?

so that is precisely what i do.........where i find this:

1. don't make fun of my underpants.
2. "U.P.", in case you couldn't figure it out, means "underpants". but of course you knew that.  anyway, we're ridiculous like that.
3. i don't know why he wrote "dad's u.p. drawer" instead of "MY u.p. drawer", which i clearly would have known meant HIS u.p. drawer. "dad's u.p. drawer " makes it sound like we have the same dad and he's living with us and he wants me to go rooting through his boxers. gross.

(he probably didn't get an "A" in penmanship, but he definitely gets an "A" for effort!)

and then...............

so i do and would you look at this?!??

i don't even know what to say. i don't deserve either one of them. they are too good to me....either that or they were just really, reeeeeeeeally sick of me whining about it.....



Anonymous said...

H.o.l.y.s.h.!.t. Job well done Scooty! He is just so amazing, isn't he?
btw, Britt has the same yellow fish boxers, I mean, under pants. Old Navy?

noreenmarie said...

Seriously?! OMG! Awesome! And how he did it...LOVE! :) You better be nice to him. :) xoxo