Thursday, July 21, 2011

40 days of birthday ideas...what day are we up to anyway?

i want this. i want it really, really bad. i didn't think i wanted it the first few times i looked at it cuz i thought it would make me look like magda from 'there's something about mary' with the super metallic gold and everything, and maybe i am still trying to be that tan, carfree beach angel*  i'll never be but regardless, i want this pallette and gosh darmit, i am getting it. for myself. yes i am. pretty soon, too. maybe saturday? cuz they are all the rage and they keep selling out you know? so i need to hurry....and maybe i should stop at cheesecake factory for a piece of banana cream cheesecake to go too while i am over birthday always makes me want banana cream cheesecake. i love the cheesecake factory....avocado eggrolls, they sing to my heart...but i digress....

it comes with just about everything you need to do every look imaginable and i know it is ludicrous that the hubs works for probably the biggest cosmetics company on the planet of earth and gets discounts on all of it and i am straying to a brand that his company doesn't own (read: no discount) but look at it, would ya? i mean just LOOK at it.

ooooooooooooooh i love it!

this wasn't the post i had lined up for today either...the one i was writing was awesome but then i backspaced and deleted a picture by mistake and the picture is really integral to the (super spectacular) story so that post will just have to wait till tomorrow till i can get back home and re-upload it. stupid backspace....

but ooooooooooooh look at all the sparkly colors!

* speaking of 'beach angels'...could you die over this commercial? it is my favorite.



Anonymous said...

I could just stare at their glittery gorgeousness all day! Of course, I'd probably only end up actually using, like, 4 of those shades.

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Holy cow. First of all, I DIE of laughter every time I see that commercial. I hope it runs forever. HA!

2nd...your new look is AMAZING, girl! Like really lovely. YAY!

And third...ooh. aaah. That makeup is gorgeous. I'm always drawn to carefree beach angel palette, too. Which sucks for me. Since I'm not blonde. Or carefree. Or tan. Or a beach angel. Boooooo.