Friday, July 15, 2011

6 months

my sweet little did you get to be 6 months old? when did this happen? i am positive that just 5 minutes ago you were laying on my chest in the OR, still warm from being inside me, wrapped in a dinosaur blanket with a little pink & blue hat on your head, pinching my nose. at that moment, my heart was so full of love for you it was unfathomable that i could ever love you more, and yet here we are, 6 and a half months later, and i love you infinitely more. every day, your personality shines a little more, you get more independant and more opinionated, funnier and more loveable. you are the perfect, perfect little boy for me and i am so in love with you. i am so torn between the excitement of seeing who you will become tomorrow and the heartbreak of watching you grow. i am so proud of you, of your independant little spirit and your hysterical sense of humor. you are so smart and so trusting and such a joy to be around. i am the luckiest. the luckiest mom in the universe...sweet baby...thank you for picking me. i am forever thankful and forever humbled. you have gifted my heart with a capacity for love that i never even fathomed before i met you. you are the reason i breathe.

i waited for his 6 month well visit to make this post so i could include his hurculean stats, he's actually 6 and a half months now, which is a pretty big deal if you ask him :) he got his immunizations without so much as a flinch (although he is a little cranky this morning in the aftermath) and is hitting all of his milestones perfectly. i know i keep saying it, but i am so, so proud of him.

weight: 21 lb. 15.5 oz. (so 22 lb., duh, but then he peed after the doctor weighed him...all over the exam table AND the doctor so....maybe less? that's my boy!)

height: 29 1/4''
(over the 95th% for both)

teeth: 2 on the bottom, both came in at the exact same time at exactly 6 months

sleeping: awesome! STTN for the first time the night he turned 6 months and hasn't looked back since! he is a total rock star!

eating: 4 bottles a day, 7-8oz each plus fruit and cereal for breakfast and veggies and yogurt for dinner.

loves: his rainforest exersaucer, sophie the giraffe, his bear named harry, banana yogurt, splashing in the pool, mommy & daddy and his aden & anias muslin blankets...

hates: the texture of pureed fresh peas...and that's pretty much it! he is such a lover!

skills: rolling over like crazy, sitting up, hugging mommy & daddy, grabbing for his spoon, practicing the sign for "milk", laughing hysterically at the sign for "all gone", singing loudly...really, really loudly. especially at 6:00 in the morning.
answers to: monkey, monkerson, monker, monker-de-jibs, de-jibs, ben vereen, benjamin netanyahu, ben rothlesburger, benny-bone-jones,  kavasha.

love. you are so handsome, so smart, so funny, so gentle, so charismatic, so loving. everything i hoped you and imagned you would be. i am so proud and so lucky i get to be your mama.



Conflicted Dreams said...

Such a cutie pie! Such a lovely post Rachel!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

What a sweet little guy. :) I love reading letters like these...I've been writing them to my little boy, and this month I'm writing his 23 month letter. :( :( Enjoy this time girl, because you will blink and that baby will be 2!!

Your blog is adorable! Can't wait to read more!! :D

noreenmarie said...

Um, I need tissues now! What a beautiful post. :) It's amazing to see how far you've come, Rach! :)You are an awesome mother and Ben is very lucky to have you. :) xoxo