Monday, July 25, 2011

the return of 40 days of birthday ideas

well, this one is just a pipe dream, but a few years ago, the hubs and i went to an event at the New York Food & Wine Festival and it was just a riotous good time! first of all, anyone who knows me knows that as long as it's not 7pm on a weeknight, it's a good bet that at least one of the tvs in my house is on the food network (7pm belongs to alex trebek, my apologies to mr. alton brown and the entire crew over at 'iron chef'.).

i just love a good festival....throw in good food AND wine?!? forget it. i really can't think of too many things that sound like more fun! so, just for laughs, i thought i would throw these little gems into the birthday ideas hat.....

tickets to Brooklyn's Bounty with Adam Richman

(um. i love adam richman, ok? please look at him:


as long as i don't have to watch him eat ribs. he really freaks me out when he eats ribs. plus, this one's in brooklyn, so we wouldn't even have to cross a bridge!)
or, or, OR....

Blue Moon Burger Bash

i have been dying to go to the burger bash ever since the first year they did the festival in nyc. i *am* pretty bummed that good ole rachael ray is not hosting this year though. whoopi goldberg? what does she know about burgers? that's rach's department, obv....

and oh crap. it looks like the burger bash is sold out anyway....but my boy adam's event still has space...and keep that burger bash idea in your back pocket for next year....a yummy burger never goes out of style.


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